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$700,000 Bet on Fintech - BFT

$700,000 Bet on Fintech - BFT
Alright Degenerates- I posted a small little snippet a day or so ago about BFT. I wanted to do a bit of DD on BFT but also wanted to highlight something that was brought to my attention by a degenerate gambler. Lastly, I wanted to compile some good little snippets that have been put together by some other members as well as from the investor presentation.
Before reading further please understand the major Risks.
  • This is SPAC with ~10.00 NAV, if the deal falls through it could drop to 10.00 USD
  • The warrants could be very lucrative but they can be called and if a deal fails to materialize, these can become worthless.
  • If you're ok with the above risks, continue reading.
Keep in mind that this merger is not complete, but the terms of the deal have been provided to investors and we will be able to either vote yes for the deal or vote no and redeem our shares in BFT for 10.00 cash. So there is downside to this play should the vote not go through or should the two entities terminate the agreement. Right now the downside is ~3 dollars per share according to the close price from today.


The Customers and MOAT

  • Deep Customer Base with deep ties to gambling/betting industry with Deep penetration in Europe and growing customer bases around the world. Gambling is a tricky business and regulated differently than other industries. Many big players have avoided the industry and Paysafe has a great reputation and has become one of the early movers in the industry. The following are some notable customers.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I actually know Paysafe and the usage quite well.
PayPal has many restrictions in Europe regarding iGaming , so does Square.
This is a big play on iGaming for those that aren’t aware.
I was a mid- high stakes online poker player through the 2010-2018. Played a variety of sites. : iPoker; PokerStars, Paddy, MicroGaming, 888, Party. Why so many sites? Because I was always on lookout for where the action was, if a big whale sat down at one online casino; you bet your sweet ass I’m there.
So let me give you my take as a consumer that’s probably spent over $100,000 in transaction fees personally on Paysafe.
This was one of the cheapest and fastest ways to move money around online.
Unlike Stripe this which is against risky business such as CBD and gambling, paysafe is actually one of the leading payment providers in both UK/AUS / Ireland for iGaming.
Big example is William Hill, Bet365, Bwin.
Now why would you want to move money online around as a gambler ?
Well, Visa/MC charge close to 50%->75% more, online casinos = the merchant. They don’t wanna pay that, and in fact put limits on this type of payment processor. (Your visa’s credit cards etc). If a punter deposits / withdraws frequently, the online casino could literally be on the hook for like 20-30% of the turnover throughout the gambler’s period. (This assumes the gambler doesn’t lose all his money per deposit.
Imagine you’re a professional sportsbettor, you’re not loyal to one site. Different spreads / odds are offered on every site, you want to be able to move your money from one to another quickly and cheaply. Arbitrage opportunities do exist in sports betting as bookmakers hedge their books to minimize risk, diff frequencies of bets occur on each sports book; you get the idea.
For recreational punters, it’s simple: some sporting events that are smaller simply don’t exist on one site that exist on another. Eg. Perhaps you using Pinnacle / 10dimes for low spreads on high volume events, but perhaps you want to gamble on live events on bet365 on another day, and bet ponies on Hill.
What if you only have $5000 ? Giant pain in ass to deposit money to each site, paysafe lets you move it around easily.
Should you use visa, you may get blocked from depositing on various sites; Bodog, WHill, Bet365 just to name a few. Withdrawals and clearing deposits with bank transfers or checks takes days-> weeks and gamblers ain’t gonna wait for that shit.
You can also buy prepaid paysafe cards from stores if you don’t wish to use your real credit card; and load that shit up.
One of the biggest markets this is prominent in is South east Asia, they are some of the biggest punters and fucking loving gambling. Looking at you pinoys, Indonesians, Malays. Not everyone wants to fly to Macau to get their rocks off.
As much as this is a play on FinTech, please understand this company has more or less the best Payment service on online gambling globally.

The Comparable VALUATIONS

From this chart you can see that there looks to be some favorable multiples that could improve once a deal closes. Also, I'm very bullish on the great Margins as well as the conservative growth. I think Foley along with the growing Igaming undervalues the potential of this company. Just the Draft Kings relationship make me tingle.

CHART is COURTESY of u/CoachCedricZebaze

Management and Growth

  • Bill Effing Foley - I have a thing for guys name Bill and this guy get my nips hard.
    • This guy has turned shit into gold. See his previous ventures before and after....
  • Bill has connections and a strategy to dominate Igaming.
  • Igaming addressable Market is expected to grow immensely from a few billion to tens of billions.

This is an end to end payment processor with big big big name relationships for very disruptive companies that have huge addressable markets. The reason I am excited is because IGAMING is just really starting to take off and Paysafe is a first mover with brand new experienced management and very very fair valuations that could pop after a merger.
TL;DR- BUY BFT stock and BFT.W because BFT stands for big freaking tenderloins.
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Guess the Company #3 (ticker trivia / due diligence)

Previously on Guess the Company
Hi fellow kids, I'm back again today with yet another DD where I reveal the ticker at the end rather than the beginning.
Let's see how many clues it takes for you to correctly guess today's company:
-This company's Q2 2020 revenues dropped 98% compared to a year ago, and its quarterly EPS plunged from $1.24 in Q2 2019 to a loss of ($1.07) in Q2 2020.
-Despite these revenue numbers, shareholders were barely fazed and the stock continued to trade sideways between $40-$50 from June to November 2020
-If you bought $10000 of this stock at its all time low in March 2009, you would be receiving about twice that much in annual dividends up until it was suspended in Q2 2020 due to the pandemic
-As part of the terms of a $1.5 billion credit facility, this company is not permitted to pay dividend until Q4 2021 unless it can maintain a $1 billion+ liquidity after paying the dividend.
-During the height of the financial crisis in 09, this company was reportedly losing $1000 per *second*
-When this company was about to go bankrupt, its owner dug into his own pockets and loaned the company $1 billion
-Before his company's stocks took a nosedive in 2008, the owner of this company was briefly the 3rd richest person in the USA behind only Bill Gates and Warren Buffet
-Although this company is based in Paradise, NV, the majority of its revenues comes from China. More specifically, Macau, China.
-In 2010 this company built a $6.88 billion resort in Singapore, billed the world's "most expensive standalone casino property"
-With annual revenues of $14 billion, this company is the largest casino operator in the world by market capitalization
Have you made your guess yet?
If your guess was LVS , you are correct!
Outlook for LVS: There are speculations that LVS might sell its Las Vegas Strip properties to a REIT and then lease them back, a move that would raise about $6 billion and allow it to further focus its efforts in Asia where most of its revenues come from. Although my outlook for LVS is bullish, I expect this stock to trade mostly sideways until later this year or early 2022 when it resumes paying dividends to shareholders. OPTAP: $75
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The Macau market and the Si14 sports betting exchange.

The Macau market and the Si14 sports betting exchange.
The Macau market and the Si14 sports betting exchange. Macau, which has a history spanning more than 3 centuries, is known as "Eastern Monte Carlo" and "Eastern Las Vegas". Games are now the main industry that generates Macau's main (about 70%) revenue. Recently, Macau's gross revenue from gambling establishments has sometimes even exceeded the Las Vegas Strip, making it the largest gaming city in the world. The Government of Macao has not issued regulations governing the concession and operation of online gambling (defined in the Macao Gambling Act (Act 16/2001) as interactive gambling), nor has it started bidding for these concessions. Si14 AG is localizing the platform in Chinese and will be represented on the Chinese market. The Chinese market allows the Si14Bet platform to obtain maximum liquidity. Dear investors, You also have the opportunity to become a co-founder of Si14 AG. Our company is conducting the second investment stage of selling the company's share. You can leave a request for consultation at [email protected]. Follow our news and join in the success story. For more information, please visit #Si14 #betfair #bet365 #Si14Bet #oods #livebetting #soccerbetting #bettingtip #soccerbetting #bookies #bettingexchange #rich #bookmaker #sportsgambling #millionaire #billionaire #makemoney #moneyonline #bettingexchang #bettingexperts #onlinesport #casino.
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Your Pre Market Brief for 07/24/2020

Pre Market Brief for Friday July 24th 2020

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Morning Research and Trading Prep Tool Kit
The Ultimate Quick Resource For the Amateur Trader.
Updated as of 3:30 AM EST
Stock Futures:
Thursday 07/23/2020 News and Markets Recap:
Friday July 24th 2020 Economic Calendar (All times are Eastern)
(Home Sales and Oil Rig Count Today)
News Heading into Friday July 24th 2020
COVID-19 Stats and News:
Macro Considerations:
Most Recent SEC Filings
Morning Research and Trading Prep Tool Kit
Other Useful Resources:
The Ultimate Quick Resource For the Amateur Trader.
Subscribe to This Brief and the daily 4:00 AM Pre Market Brief on The Twitter Link Here . Alerts in the tweets will direct you to the daily brief in this sub
It is up to you to judge the accuracy and veracity of these headlines before trading.
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Si14 Betting exchange partnership in China.

Si14 Betting exchange partnership in China.
Si14 Betting exchange partnership in China. Under the signed memorandum of cooperation Si14 AG in China - Si14 Bet platform gets the maximum liquidity on the betting exchange, provided by a network of casinos in Macau, as well as kiosks for bets to be placed in China and Hong Kong. Dear partners! Si14 AG invites partners for mutually beneficial conditions in your regions and countries. Si14 Betting exchange is actively expanding the betting market, developing a network of its representative offices. You can leave an application to open a representative office at [email protected] Dear investors, You also have the opportunity to become a co-founder of Si14 AG. Our company is conducting the second investment stage of selling the company's share. You can leave a request for consultation at [email protected]. Follow our news and join in the success story. For more information, please visit #Si14 #betfair #bet365 #Si14Bet #oods #livebetting #soccerbetting #bettingtip #soccerbetting #bookies #bettingexchange #rich #bookmaker #sportsgambling #rich #bookmaker #sportsgambling #millionaire #billionaire #makemoney #moneyonline #bettingexchang #bettingexperts #onlinesport #onlinesport #casino
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Investing News Morning Roundup – October 27, 2020

Investing News Morning Roundup – October 27, 2020
Virus cases are surging, setting records in the US as stimulus talks seem to come and go. The market is in the thick of earnings season and this week will see about one third of the S&P 500 companies (186) reporting earnings.
Advanced Micro Devices acquiring Xilinx in $35 billion deal
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is acquiring Xilinx (XLNX) in a $35 billion deal in a very complimentary deal for AMD. AMD is paying about $143 per share, a 25% premium to its closing price, in an all stock deal. Xilinx sells more profitable products and upon closing the deal will immediately be accretive to AMD and give AMD a much broader array of product offerings. Xilinx is the leading provider of adaptive computing solutions and its products will help AMD in its battle against leader Intel (INTC). Intel’s recent problems make the acquisition that much more important for AMD. “This is truly a compelling combination that will create significant value for all stakeholders, including AMD and Xililnx shareholders who will benefit from future growth and upside potential of the combined company,” AMD’s CEO Lisa Su. Very good news for AMD’s stock.
Facebook says “game on!” to cloud-streaming games on its platform
Facebook (FB) sees lots of its users playing video games online and wants a piece of the action. Facebook Gaming is launching cloud-streamed games on the Facebook app and on browser versions on the platform. The move by Facebook will expand its content library to more complex, multi-player games. Facebook’s model will be free to play, contrasting with Google’s (GOOG) Stadia and Amazon's (AMZN) Luna, both of which are subscription services. In a blog post, Facebook said, "Our first set of games available this week include Asphalt 9: Legends by Gameloft; Mobile Legends: Adventure by Moonton; PGA TOUR Golf Shootout by Concrete Software, Inc.; Solitaire: Arthur’s Tale by Qublix Games; and WWE SuperCard by 2K." Analysts have cautioned it will take some time for Facebook to reach critical mass and Amazon’s disastrous rollout of Luna gives reason for caution. Nevertheless, the news is positive over the long term for Facebook’s stock.
Tencent wins in court, US govt cannot prohibit WeChat in US
The US government lost its bid in court to prohibit Tencent’s (TCEHY) WeChat from being used in the US. The government lost its bid for a stay on a lower court ruling barring the government’s restrictions. The US is seeking to bar the app from the Google (GOOG) and Apple (AAPL) app stores claiming national security concerns. The claim from the government is that Tencent is close the Chinese Communist Party and the app can be used to disseminate propaganda to US citizens. The court has agreed with Tencent that the restrictions would violate the free speech rights of millions of Chinese Americans. Great news for Tencent’s stock.
Get me some Ant! Ant Group closing IPO books early due to soaring demand
Ant Group’s IPO has attracted unbelievable demand from investors, with its plan to raise $34.5 billion in the biggest IPO ever. With such strong demand, the company will be closing the deal books one day earlier than planned. Once the deal is closed, Ant Group, one-third owned by Alibaba (BABA), will have a market cap of $315 billion, greater than that of JP Morgan (JPM).
Las Vegas Sands looking to sell properties, saying “see ya!” to Vegas
Las Vegas Sands (LVS) is exploring the sale of its casinos in Las Vegas as the world’s largest casino operator looks at a change of focus. Such a move would see Sands focusing on its Macau operations which have been in focus lately. Sands generates most of its revenue in Macau and Singapore. Press reports say the company is seeking about $6 billion for the Las Vegas properties, though negotiations are in an early stage. Any confirmation of a sale could be very positive for Sands’ stock.
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As requested, I will provide DD for NAT, DHT Holdings and MGM based on votes from my previous thread. I'll start with the tankers. (Let me note that I do not expect the general market trend to be positive for the next few weeks)

Preface: Positive Virus news is generally bad for Tanker company share prices.
Current share price: $6.12
EPS Q1 2019: $0.04
EPS Q1 2020 Estimate: $0.26
Earnings: 5/18 (Per NAT website, Thanks u/Nice_Block)
NAT operates Suezmax size tankers, the next step down from VLCC, and daily prices for Suezmax's are considerably less than VLCC. Current spot price is up 141% at $3.92 bpd from March of 2019 to March of 2020. I think that this earnings estimate is roughly accurate, but suezmax vessels have more room for positive price movement as more and more storage is filled to capacity. Suezmax ships allow producers more maneuverability and fluidity to store their oil, as such, turnover rates are higher than VLCC vessels.
Revenues at current prices indicate an earnings estimate closer to $0.36. This is the high end of earnings estimates. Additionally, demand for oil consumption is not likely to improve soon. If anything, a slow reopening of states without ports will not affect tanker company bottom lines and will extend the operating duration of oil producers in the permian. Keep in mind, if oil consumption does not increase, wells will either shut down, or more likely, prices will go negative again. This may have some effect on spot price for tanker transports. That said, spot prices are not likely to diminish significantly in the near future.
As a bonus, NAT recently (like yesterdayish) approved a buyback program to take advantage of increased revenues. This is the best news for NAT holders at this time. Their true intentions will be reflected in the earnings call.
Price Target: $8 in the short term. If quarantine continues through June with no oil production cuts, I would expect at $10+ is possible, but unlikely.
Historical action levels:
One week chart showing some consolidation for a potential breakout:
Note - I suggested this as a bullish play last weekend, and as such my $8 price target was hit on Tuesday. This ship may have already sailed. Pun intended. I would find another trade.
Recommendation: If you are dead set on an NAT play, shares at a reduced price through earnings, or options with expiry longer than 45 days out purchased next week.

DHT Holdings
Current share price: 7.10
EPS Q1 2019: $0.13
EPS Q1 2020 Estimate: $0.57
Earnings: 5/5
DHT operates operates exclusively VLCC tankers, of which the majority are on spot price rental. Current spot price for VLCC tankers up to 180k/day, up from an average of 19k/day this time last year. This is an over 9x increase. NAT is also currently operating more tankers on spot price rental, increasing volume under spot price contract over last year. They currently have 23 of 27 operating on spot pricing.
Historical action levels:
One week chart showing downward channel (Im not sure this trend is completed yet) before potential breakout:
Recommendation: I think the resistance levels for DHT are more relevant than those of NAT, and are also more realistic to be beaten. Calls mid week for EOW earnings at least 2 weeks out. General market sentiment is important for this trade.

Current share price: 15.01
Summary of MGM's plans to reopen casinos:
I would expect the mayor of Las Vegas to attempt to reopen the tourism to the city along with President Trump's guidance. If they are able, they will reopen soon. They likely will not have large scale shows or concert events to draw in customers, but gambling will be open to some extent. I do not expect casinos to see a large influx of patrons, and this will end up being a net negative for them in the coming months as their expenses will increase more than revenues. They may even potentially have to re-close if Covid testing reveals an uptick in cases in the Las Vegas area. That said, their saving grace is Macau, where a significantly large portion of their income is generated. China expects tourism to Macau to increase, but I would take that with a grain of salt.
Given MGM's recent meteoric rise to nearly $18 per share, I think they fall into the sentiment of the rest of the market and will suffer in the coming month. I expect the share price will visit mid-april prices of $13, or potentially lower following a general trend with SPY. Luckily, If you see these prices, I consider MGM a very long term and stable play. They have enough cash on hand to last an entire year with no revenue; a situation that is uncommon at this time. In general, event or discretionary based spending, hospitality and travel will be the last to recover, but this is a commonly assessed sentiment.
Historical action levels: MGM was not surprisingly rejected by the historical support level of $17.50 this week
5 day chart does not provide any major price movement indication.
Recommendation: Sell shares, do nothing until share prices revisit mid-April levels.

As always, feel free to comment and tell me why I'm wrong.
EDIT - I accidentally switched which size tanker each company uses, it has been corrected - Shoutout u/kindlyblacksmith
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morning coffee

Eyes On Stimulus Developments Again
Investors are still largely focused on new twists and turns with stimulus efforts in the U.S. Last night, President Donald Trump said talks had resumed on an aid package for the struggling U.S. economy, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are expected to talk once again. Global stock markets have started the day off with a dose of optimism. The Shanghai Composite Index rose 1.7% following a strong read on services activity in China and the SZSE Component Index was up 3.0%, while Hong Kong's Hang Seng fell back 0.3% and Japan's Nikkei slipped 0.1%. European stocks are largely higher despite sluggish PMI data, with the Stoxx 600 Index gaining 0.2%. France's CAC 40 and the U.K.'s FTSE 100 are both in positive territory in mid-day action. Meanwhile, U.S. stock futures are setting up for a positive open, with S&P 500 futures up 0.4% and Dow Jones futures 0.3% higher. Crude oil stays on track for big week
Oil (CL1:COM) is poised for its biggest weekly gain since May, even though prices have tracked back just a bit. Operators in the Gulf of Mexico have closed off about 92% of production ahead of Hurricane Delta as the storm barrels toward Louisiana. Yesterday, OPEC forecast global oil demand will keep rising until around 2040, when it will plateau at about 109.3M bbl/day, or about 10% above the level of production in 2019. Later today, traders will get their hand on the latest Baker Hughes U.S. oil rig count report. In early action, WTI crude oil futures -0.8% to $40.86/bbl and Brent crude -0.3% to $43.20/bbl.
AMD seeking to buy Xilinx in latest big semiconductor tie-up
Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD) is in advanced talks to buy rival chip maker Xilinx (NASDAQ:XLNX) in a deal that could be valued at more than $30B, WSJ reports. Earlier talks are said to have stalled before recently restarting, and the latest deal under discussion could come together as soon as next week, according to the report. A deal for Xilinx would raise AMD to a more even competitive footing with Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) and give it a bigger position in the growing telecom and defense markets.
Golden Week traffic in Macau disappoints
Traffic in Macau fell 85.7% during Golden Week to come in well short of most expectations within the industry. Of the 139,280 visitors to enter during the holiday week, 97,126 came via the Gongbei Border Gate, 4,190 by ferry and 7,149 by plane. JPMorgan reset expectations on a Macau recovery after the Golden Week disappointment. "Choppy demand and dwindling hope of 'return to normalcy in 2021' make us acknowledge the sector's risk-reward isn't as attractive as we had envisioned, despite seemingly undemanding valuation (on 2022, not 2021)," updated the firm. Earlier this week, the Macau sector received some good news when Bernstein Research predicted that all six casino operators will retain their licenses, although the government is likely to impose additional economic conditions. The firm doesn't think the current tensions between Washington and Beijing will prevent U.S. operators from staying in Macau.
Nikola talks up hydrogen potential
Nikola (NASDAQ:NKLA) showed off its prototypes to the hydrogen industry yesterday at an event that also covered the company's patents and strategy to be a technology integrator. The presentation coincided with National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day 2020. Nikola noted it has developed core IP related to, among other things, vehicle integration and hydrogen storage and fueling, and continues to work with its world-class partners to develop next-generation standard fueling hardware and advance hydrogen fuel cell-based transportation. "Nikola is creating an ecosystem that integrates next-generation truck technology, hydrogen fueling infrastructure and maintenance. By removing commercial trucks from the carbon equation, Nikola is fulfilling our mission of leaving the world a better place," said CEO Mark Russell. Shares of Nikola are up 2% premarket
Takeda in group trial for COVID-19 hyperimmune convalescent plasma treatment
Japan's Takeda (NYSE:TAK) is part of a group of companies testing an experimental COVID-19 convalescent plasma treatment, derived from those having recovered from the disease. The "hyperimmune" drug combines antibodies from multiple recovered patients, vs. typical convalescent treatments derived from single patients. Takeda, Emergent BioSolutions (NYSE:EBS), CSL Behring (OTCPK:CSLLY) and Grifols (NASDAQ:GRFS) are gathering antibodies in the government trial, funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases; it could be completed by year-end.
DOJ eyes cryptocurrency threats
The Department of Justice said in a new report that law enforcement is hampered by the global nature of digital coins and the lack of consistent regulation across regions. Cryptocurrencies in general are called detrimental to the safety and stability of the international financial system due to the opportunities for rogue nations, criminals and terrorists to skirt reporting requirements. "Current terrorist use of cryptocurrency may represent the first raindrops of an oncoming storm of expanded use,” stated Attorney General William Barr's Cyber-Digital Task Force. The task force warned that cryptocurrencies provide bad actors with the means to earn illegal profits and become a threat to national security. The DOJ's larger goal with the report is to lay out a framework for cryptocurrency enforcement.
China Services PMI runs hot
China September Caixin Services PMI came in at 54.8 to top both the consensus mark of 54.3 and the 54.0 reading for August. Services PMI has now increased for five straight months, and the latest rate of expansion was among the highest recorded over the past decade. Growth was supported by a marked rise in total new business, though new export work continued to decline. A sustained rise in overall client demand led firms to expand their payrolls for the second month in a row amid increased capacity pressures. Companies also retained a positive outlook regarding activity over the year ahead, with business confidence improving since August.
Chinese funds targeting Ant IPO draw $9B from millions of retail investors
Five Chinese funds targeting the upcoming mega-IPO of Ant Group (NYSE:BABA) sold out in days, having cumulatively raised about 60B yuan - or about $8.93B - from more than 10M retail investors. The funds launched Sept. 25 to raise 12B yuan each and invest up to 10% of assets to buy shares in the Ant IPO, aiming to raise about $35B in a Hong Kong/Shanghai dual listing and value the company at more than $250B. Two of the funds hit their target even before a week-long holiday that started Oct. 1; Ant's Alipay says today the other three sold out as well.
What else is happening...
LSE (OTCPK:LDNXF, OTCPK:LNSTY) to sell Borsa Italiana to Euronext (OTCPK:EUXTF) for €4.3B. NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ:NXPI) shoots to 52-week high after strong preliminary Q3 numbers. GameStop (NYSE:GME) soars after Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) development. Disney (NYSE:DIS) moves 'Soul' to streaming, in theaters' latest loss.
Today's Markets
In Asia, Japan -0.1%. Hong Kong -0.3%. China +1.7%. India +0.8%. In Europe, at midday, London +0.7%. Paris +0.4%. Frankfurt -0.05%. Futures at 6:20, Dow +0.4%. S&P +0.4%. Nasdaq +0.3%. Crude -0.8% to $40.86. Gold +1.2% to $1918.70. Bitcoin +2.9% to $10890. Ten-year Treasury Yield -2 bps to 0.765%
Today's Economic Calendar
9:00 Fed's Barkin: “Community Conversation: Resiliency of the Economy” 10:00 Wholesale Inventories (Preliminary) 1:00 PM Baker-Hughes Rig Count
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If you’re new to Coronavirus research, start here…

Feb 19, 2020, updated periodically...Unfortunately there’s not just one link you can use to get an estimate of the real numbers of infected, or of the seriousness of this outbreak, and you will have to do some digging of your own. But here are a few points to consider and research for yourself:

The basics

Other reasons why we don't believe the official numbers

What leaked videos and social media posts have shown us has happened in China

A 4-minute quick intro: /CoronavirusFOS/comments/fgk1b9/covid19_deus_ex_coronavirus_clip_compilation/

What else is happening in China

The Unknowns

What's happening outside of China

Supply Chain and Economic Impacts

There’s much more that can be posted here, but that's enough topics to get you started on your own research. I really doubt this is going to be disappearing in a month or two. If any readers have a source or video link etc., or additional points they you'd like me to add, just reply to this message, or send me a private message if you prefer. Thanks for reading!
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Restrictions for tourists have been lifted in Macau - casino promotions are becoming more expensive.

Restrictions for tourists have been lifted in Macau - casino promotions are becoming more expensive.
China has opened borders with Macau, and a sharp jump in the value of securities is recorded on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Positions of Galaxy Casino S.A. rose 10%, Las Vegas Sands Corp subsidiary Sands China recorded an 8.9% gain, and Wynne Macau Casino shares climbed a record 16% since 2011. On July 14, the government of Gundong Province decided to resume the route to the enclave. At the same time, the exchange recorded increased investor activity in the Macau gambling market. Experts from the JP Morgan Chase and Co financial holding predict that casino revenues will grow by 20% in the near future. 25% compared to the same period last year. The decision of the authorities to change the mandatory two-week quarantine for tourists who enter the country was particularly welcomed. Anyone who arrives is still required to pass a virus test immediately upon arrival. Recall that the gambling sector revenues in June amounted to 89.7 million dollars, which is 97% less than the figures recorded in 2019. Before the spread of the pandemic, more than 23 million tourists visited Macau a year. Due to restrictions, only 4,537 visitors were recorded last month. have already estimated the loss from the forced shutdown of all entertainment establishments at $ 14.5 billion.
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Here’s ya bloody coffee!

27th January 2020
US equity futures are falling ahead of the cash open given the continued coronavirus contagion which saw the global cases reach 2700 and the deaths toll topped 80 over the weekend. Travel focussed stocks, such as United Airlines (UAL), American Airlines (AAL) and Southwestern Airlines (LUV) are trading in the red, with some holding losses of over 4% on travel disruption concerns, as is (TCOM). Casino names like Las Vegas Sands (LVS), Wynn Resorts (WYNN) and Melco (MLCO) are facing even further pressure as the confirmed cases in Macau increased to five. Copper miner Freeport McMoran (FCX) is lower as copper prices fall to 8-week lows on global growth concerns, while gold miners (GOLD, NEM) are benefitting as the precious metal rises in a safe haven bid. China listed ADR’s (BABA, JD, BIDU) also hit as the death toll increases.
This week’s Barron’s articles highlight that the Super Bowl will be a huge opportunity for sports betting names, as it focuses on expansion in mobile sports betting, highlighting that the street has been enthusiastic in the rising stock price in Diamond Eagle Acquisition (DEAC). Further on the Super Bowl, Barron’s says that advertisers like Omnicom (OMC) and Interpublic Group (IPG) hold less appeal, amid a further inflow of larger tech names partaking in the advertising space. Elsewhere the journalists highlight that largest tech companies such as Amazon (AMZN), Microsoft (MSFT) and Alphabet (GOOGL) are competing for a larger share in esports. Finally, Barron’s notes investors in HP (HPQ) are likely to benefit as it has made it clear it would prefer to lever up and buy back large amounts of shares, instead of submitting an offer to Xerox (XRX).


Apple Inc. (AAPL) Ahead of its earnings on Tuesday, Credit Suisse analyst Matthew Cabral is looking for continued improvements in iPhone revenue trends due to a strong start for the iPhone 11. However, he believes the focus is shifting to the upcoming 5G iPhone in H2 20, which should help it drive revenue growth. Elsewhere, RBC Capital analyst Muller maintains an outperform rating on the tech giant with a USD 330 PT (last closing price 318.31). The analyst states his data checks suggest its estimates for Q1 are reasonable, whilst highlighting a slight beat on consensus figures could be seen due to strength in iPhone and wearable sales.
Boeing Company (BA) A Boeing jet reportedly crashed in Ghazni, Afghanistan, which was operated by Ariana Afghan. The number of casualties is currently unclear, however, separate reports state the airline denied the crash. Elsewhere, Boeing successfully staged its first flight of its 777X jet.
Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) raised its Guyana offshore estimate to above 8ln BoE as it continues to develop the Guyana oil block.
Intel Corp. (INTC) has been downgraded to Market Perform from Outperform at Northland, with a USD 70 PT (last closing price: 68.47). Analyst Gus Richard notes that while he forecasts several both positive and negative catalysts, he is unclear what will come first. The analyst expects Intel to fix or jettison underperforming product lines, although sees headwinds which could impact the stock, perhaps as soon as Q2 2020. Gus Richard highlights structural issues, including its design flow and manufacturing.


Alphabet Inc Class A (GOOGL) US State Attorney Generals are to meet with the DoJ to collaborate information on a probe which relates to the co.’s monopolistic behaviour for online advertising which could harm consumers, according to people familiar with the matter.
Kraft Heinz Co (KHC) CEO is pushing for growth, noting its aim is for fewer and bolder bets to increase its sales, according to WSJ.
Starbucks Corp. (SBUX) and Yum China Holdings (YUMC) have closed all its shops and suspended delivery service in the Hubei province due to the coronavirus.
T-Mobile (TMUS)/Sprint (S) are reportedly facing a potential hurdle from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), the only remaining state utilities board to not approve the deal, according to WSJ, who note the CPUC is continuing its review which threatens to further delay or even derail the USD 26bln merger.

S&P 500

AbbVie Inc. (ABBV) announced that China is testing an HIV drug as a treatment for the coronavirus. Elsewhere, AbbVie Inc. (ABBV) / Allergan, Plc (AGN) agreed to divest its Brazikumab and Zenpep drugs, where Nestle (NESN SW) will take ownership of Zenpep, and AstraZeneca (AZN) will acquire Brazikumab. The approval of the deals is dependent upon FTC and EC approval.
Arconic Inc. (ARNC) Q4 19 (USD) Adj. EPS 0.53 (exp. 0.54), revenue 3.4bln (exp. 3.48bln). Forecasts FY20 Adj. EPS between 2.22-2.42 (exp. 2.37), revenue expected between 13.9bln – 14.2bln (exp. 14.16bln). Q1 20 Adj. EPS forecast 0.47 – 0.53 (exp. 0.53)
Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) has been upgraded to Neutral from Sell at UBS, raising the PT to USD 900 from USD 690 (Last closing price USD 869.71). Where analyst Dennis Geiger is more confident in the sustainability of the company’s strong sales and earnings growth, highlighting recent performance has significantly exceeded his expectations.
D. R. Horton (DHI) Q1 20 (USD): EPS 1.16 (exp. 0.92), Revenue 4.02bln (exp. 3.77bln), homes closed +13% to 12,959. CEO believes they will continue to see good demand across their markets. FY20 revenue forecast at 18.5bln to 19bln (exp. 18.82bln, prev. 18.5bln – 19.1bln) FY20 home closes expected to be between 60,000 and 61,500 (prev. 60,000 to 61,000). Expects Q2 revenue at USD 4.25 - 4.4bln (exp. 4.25bln) and Q2 home sales between 13,800 and 14,300 homes.
Lilly (Eli) & Co. (LLY) and Incyte (INCY) announced its BREEZE-AD4 trial, evaluating Baricitinib in combination with Topical Corticosteroids for treatment of adults with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis met its primary endpoint.
Marathon Petroleum (MPC) increased its quarterly dividend to USD 0.58, a 9.4% increase.
Simon Property Group Inc (SPG) is reportedly considering teaming with Authentic Brands to look at an acquisition of Forever 21, the bankrupt teen retailer, according to people familiar with the matter.
Sprint (S) Q3 19 (USD): EPS -0.03 (exp. -0.05), Revenue 8.08bln (exp. 8.22bln); wireless post-paid net additions 494,000 (prev. 309,000); wireless post-paid ARPU 42.04 (exp. 42.30). Sprint is optimistic about the necessary regulatory steps to complete merger with T-Mobile (TMUS, DTE GY) Sees Q4 EBITDA to remain flat sequentially. Capex seen around USD 1bln in Q4.
Yum! Brands Inc (YUM) increased its quarterly dividend to USD 0.47 from USD 0.42/shr.


Crispr Therapeutics (CRSP) had a stake cut to 6.2% from 7.3% by Bayer Global Investments.
Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) urged a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit from General Motors (GM) which accused the automaker of racketeering and bribing UAW officials to put General Motors (GM) at a multibillion-dollar labour cost disadvantage.
General Motors (GM) announced a USD 2.2bln investment at its Detroit facility to produce a variety of EV trucks and SUV's, noting its first electric truck is expected to begin production in late 2021.
D.R Horton (DHI) expects modest price increases this year.
Starbucks (SBUX) - Guggenheim analyst Matthe DiFrisco states Starbucks has the highest exposure to China out of the restaurant stocks he covers, followed by McDonald's (MCD) and Domino's Pizza (DPZ).
Adobe (ADBE) upgraded to Buy from Neutral at Cleveland Research
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Stay warm, here’s some coffee.

18th December 2019
Good morning fellow traders, good luck today, stay warm.


JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) received regulatory approval from China to set up a majority owned securities venture in the country, which will include a brokerage, investment advisory, underwriting and sponsorship.
Merck & Co. (MRK) announced the FDA’s Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee voted 9-4 in favour of recommending Keytruda, for the treatment of patients with high-risk, non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.


Activision Blizzard (ATVI) announced it is putting the release of its Warcraft III: Reforged, to January 28th 2020, despite aiming to release the game prior to year-end as they feel little more time is needed to maintain its high quality standards. Inc. (AMZN) has paid some of its suppliers up to 25% more for the goods it resells to offset US President Trump’s tariffs on Chinese products, according to Business Insider. Elsewhere, it announced a free return on millions of items, for items such as electronics, household items, pet supplies kitchen appliances and more.
Illumina Inc (ILMN) has had its USD 1.2bln deal to acquire Pacific Biosciences of California (PACB) challenged by the FTC, alleging ILMN is aiming to unlawfully maintain a monopoly in the US. Market for next-gen DNA sequencing systems, by eliminating PACB as a threat.
Nvidia Corporation (NVDA) has partnered with Tencent (700 HK) to launch a cloud gaming service in China.
Tesla (TSLA) are reportedly considering reducing prices of its Model 3 sedans in China by 20% or more in 2020, according to people familiar with the matter.

S & P 500

Altria Group Inc (MO) – A study released suggests that the nicotine formula used by JUUL Labs is almost identical to the flavour and addictive profile of the tobacco company’s Marlboro cigarette.
Boston Properties (BXP) increased its quarterly dividend to USD 0.98/share from USD 0.95/share.
CIGNA Corp. (CI) is to sell one of its units that sells non-medical insurance products to employers for USD 6.3bln to New York Life Insurance Co. Cigna also announced a USD 4bln share repurchase programme.
Cintas Corp (CTAS) Q2 (USD): EPS 2.27 (exp. 2.03), Revenue 1.84bln (exp. 1.82bln); raised its FY20 EPS forecast to 8.65-8.97 (exp. 8.61, prev. 8.47-8.57).
Devon Energy (DVN) announced a new USD 1bln share repurchase programme.
Dish Network (DISH) co-founder Ergen appealed to testify in support of the T-Mobile (TMUS) and Sprint (S) deal, stating he has letters from three banks prepared to offer USD 10bln to fund the company’s new wireless network.
E-Trade (ETFC) has announced an online-trade clearance automation, an industry first which allows administrators to enter, view and edit trade clearance instructions online for their participants, which includes trade windows, number and type of shares, time frame, and other grant specific information.
FedEx Corporation (FDX) Q4 19 (USD): Adj. EPS 2.51 (exp. 2.84), Revenue 17.3bln (exp. 17.69bln), FY20 EPS view cut to 9.10-10.35 (adj. now seen between 10.25-11.50). Says quarterly results declined due to weak global economic conditions, higher ground costs, loss of business from a large customer. Later timing of Thanksgiving resulted in shifting of cyber week into December, which negatively impacted the results. Sees FDX ground operating margins to rebound. Morgan Stanley note the poor FedEx earnings holds a negative read to its competitor, United Parcel Service (UPS)
General Electric (GE) healthcare unit has issued a recall for its Giraffe Incubator, OmniBed, and Care stations at the request of the FDA, who state the bedside panels can be upright and look closed but not be securely latched.
General Mills (GIS) Q4 19 (USD): EPS 0.95 (exp. 0.88), Revenue 4.42bln (exp. 4.43bln). Pet food sales +16% at its Blue Buffalo unit (exp. 15%), backs FY20 Adj. EPS forecast of 3-5% growth and revenue growth of 1-2%.
Leidos (LDOS) announced it is to acquire Dynetics, a privately owned company who is an industry-leading applied research and national security solutions company, for a cash value of USD 1.65bln.
Eli Lilly & Co. (LLY) announced the launch of its long term, real-world evidence study of Emgality, labelled TRIUMPH, to evaluate the drug in comparison to other migraine treatments.
Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) had its PT cut by Citibank to USD 36 from USD 45 over concerns on the near-term revenue outlook, adding ongoing issued with its promotion for the mobile app could hit the company’s revenues.
ViacomCBS (VIAC) CBS unit is being sued by a Female 60-minutes producer for discrimination, as she claims she was side-lined after reporting her boss texted her an inappropriate photo. (NY Times)
Wynn Resorts Ltd (WYNN) has extended its CEO contract for Matt Maddox through to 2022.


Allegheny Tech (ATI) announced Don P. Newman will join the co. as Senior VP and CFO, succeeding Pat DeCourcy, who will remain as SVP and Special Advisor to CEO until March 31st. Newman has more than 30 years of corporate finance and accounting leadership experience at high-growth businesses in a variety of industries, including metals and materials, energy, software, and drilling services. (Street Insider)
Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) has signed a binding merger agreement with Peugeot (UG FP) owner PSA for a 50/50 deal, which creates the 4th largest automaker by volume and 3rd largest in revenue, valued at USD 50bln. FCAU agrees to distribute a special dividend of EUR 5.5bln to its shareholders. The CEO of FCAU, Mike Manley, will remain as part of the group, although it is unclear in what position.
Lionsgate (LGF.A) announced a strategic alliance with Bharti Airtel and Starzplay to provide premium content from Lionsgate Play to customers in India.
Pacific Gas & Electric (PCG) submitted a comprehensive, multi-party settlement agreement to the California Public Utilities Commission, aka CPUC, in relation to the wildfires in 2017-18 striking a USD 1.78bln settlement, although it bans recovering money from customers and was accepted by a US bankruptcy judge.
Voya Financial (VOYA) announced it has entered into an agreement to sell its Individual Life and other legacy non-retirement annuities businesses to Resolution Life Group Holdings. Voya forecasts a normalised adj. operating EPS to reach 1.80-1.90 quarterly by the end of 2021 and estimates it will provide roughly USD 1.7bln of deployable capital
Of note for Casino/gaming names (LVS, MGM, MLCO, WYNN), PBoC announced it will raise the remittance limit on individuals transfer of money from Macau to mainland Chinese accounts to CNY 80,000 per day from CNY 50,000.
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Coronavirus is serious and stockmarket reacting to it.

Global Stocks Fall as Dangerous Coronavirus Spreads
U.S. stocks followed European markets down amid concern that the coronavirus could hurt the global economy.
Stocks tumbled on Monday and oil prices fell, as the spread of a dangerous virus in China raised investor worries about the global economy.
The sudden appearance of the coronavirus, which has now killed at least 80 people in China and infected others in Europe and the United States, among other countries, has pierced a calm that had settled over financial markets in recent months. Monday’s decline in the S&P 500 followed a similar drop on Friday.
LIVE U Ne 3,000 eople, mostly in China, have now contracted the disease. China extended the Lunar New Year holiday by three days until Feb. 2 in an effort to limit travel and contain the outbreak that started in the city of Wuhan. On Sunday, a fifth case of the disease was confirmed in the United States.
The S&P 500 fell more than 1.5 percent on Monday, with shares of airlines and companies dependent on tourism from China particularly hard hit. American Airlines dropped more than 4 percent in early trading, and Wynn Resorts, which operates casinos in Macau, a special administrative region of China and a gambling haven for Chinese high rollers, dropped more than 7 percent.
Major stock benchmarks in Europe were down more than 2 percent. While many markets in Asia were closed for Lunar New Year, Tokyo’s benchmark Nikkei 225 index also sank 2 percent.
Oil prices dropped, reflecting concern that travel shutdowns and other reactions to the virus could slow the global economy, and shares of major oil companies also declined. Brent crude, the international benchmark, slipped below $60 a barrel, its lowest since October.
China’s leaders are under pressure as the epidemic spreads at an accelerating rate. Concerns have been raised that the government’s response to the outbreak, which includes a lockdown of cities that affects 56 million people, is too late and could even make the situation worse.
Full video update:
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MGM Resorts Insider Purchasing ($18.5M Purchase by a Director)

MGM Resorts Insider Purchasing ($18.5M Purchase by a Director)
Hey all,
We have seen quite a slowdown in unusual insider purchasing activity over the last week, but today we will take a look at MGM Resorts.
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MGM Resorts International ($MGM) - Insider Purchases

From Yahoo Finance:
MGM Resorts International, through its subsidiaries, owns and operates integrated casino, hotel, and entertainment resorts in the United States and Macau.
As to be expected, MGM was demolished during the market crash falling from ~$33 at the start of 2020 to a low of $7.14 on 3/18 (a 78% decline). They have since recovered to a closing price of $15.00 on April 8th, but clearly have a long way to go to get back to their stock price from the beginning of the year.
The recent Form 4 activity shows some insider purchasing activity, including a huge $18.5M purchase by Corvex Management (through Keith Meister, who is a director for MGM).
The CEO and CFO were the only executives that made purchases, and they weren’t particularly large, but we do see that a couple of Directors made very sizeable stock purchases.
\Note, Keith Meister made the $18.5M purchase on behalf of Corvex Management. Also, these “Total Shares” numbers represent the total shares in the “account” they are making the purchase for. Most of these are in their “direct account” (if the stock type is “common”, then it is in their “direct account), but they could also have trusts or accounts for family members that aren’t included.**
The individual Form 4s show that none of the purchasing activity was part of any previously arranged plan.
MGM recently put out a Proxy Statement and verified that they have ownership guidelines requiring their CEO to own 5x his salary in stock, the other executives to own 2x, and the Directors to own 5x their cash retainer. We aren’t going to list out all of the requirements here because they announced that as of December 31, 2019, all executives and directors owned the amount required (except for their new President of Commercial & Growth who is on track to meet his requirement).
We didn’t see many executives making purchases over the last few weeks and it is possible the CEO and CFO were just making purchases to help ensure they are over their ownership requirement guidelines by the end of the year, but we also saw some very large purchases by Directors that may indicate that MGM is a company worth looking into. After falling almost 80%, they definitely have a lot of room to recover if they can make it out of this downturn in good shape.
If you found this info useful, please make sure you are subscribed and share it with someone else who may find it useful!
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[EVENT] Portus Ostium

Macau since 1949:

Since the end of the Chinese Civil War, Macau has grown tremendously in regional significance, shifting from a valuable entrepôt to one of the largest hubs in the Far East. The vast majority of refugees who fled to the territory have been allowed to stay, with 150,000 having already secured territorial residency (the closest thing to citizenship for non-ethnic Portuguese in the overseas territories at present), bringing the total resident population up to 350,000 (the remaining 150,000 have ten-year work permits). Of the 300,000 residents who have arrived since 1939, approximately 100,000 have settled on the Macau Peninsula, 50,000 on Colaone Island, and 150,000 on the previously under-populated Taipa Island (see map as attached). This has left much of the territory covered in slums, although a central government-supported programme to provide interest-free mortgages to refugees and new residents has led to the establishment of medium-quality, high-density housing across much of Taipa Island and the Peninsula. Small scale industry and locally-owned businesses have also taken off across the territory, as migrants attempt to start a new life in the bustling city.
The Macau of 1957, therefore, finds itself with an affluent centre of business on the Peninsula, flanked by emerging neighbourhoods and slums in the south and east, a highly-populated emerging cityscape on Taipa Island, with a central nucleus of emerging neighbourhoods (predominately featuring high-density, apartment-style housing) surrounded on all sides by slums and small scale factories, and a still under-populated Coloane Island, which presently boasts some slums, farms, factories and traditional villages.
The vast majority of small scale industry in Macau consists of textiles manufacturing in factories set up by the migrants. That said, larger-scale industry has also emerged, including a major bicycle factory near the border with China and a rifle manufactory on the southern tip of the Peninsula. This is emblematic of the territory’s economic ascendance, as is the arrival of new waves of ethnic Portuguese, who have brought the European population of the territory up to 13,000 since 1949.

Commercial opportunities:

The signing of the Sino-Portuguese Free Trade Agreement (SPFTA) in 1956 has dramatically improved the economic prospects of Macau. Indeed, the near-complete removal of Chinese import tariffs on Portuguese luxury goods has resulted in the establishment of a number of luxury goods production facilities on the Peninsula, as well as the proliferation of dozens of prestigious vendors in the affluent portions of the isthmus. In addition to the basic textile manufactories set up by the migrants, a number of fashion outlets have also been established for upper-class visitors, and for deliveries to customers in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and Southeast Asia. Jewellers, shoemakers, watchmakers, tailors, cordwainers and bag markers have all set themselves up in the territory, where they create their products, sell them to visitors and also export them abroad. Distilleries have also become popular, with the territory developing a positive reputation for its fine, locally-distilled whiskey, rum, gin and baijiu. An emerging brand of dark rum, known as ”Ventos Orientais”, has grown particularly popular. The rum is recognised for its distinctive flavour, being the only major rum brand to use Timorese sugar. Tobacco companies have also established high-end stores on the Peninsula, where they sell a number of recognisable international cigarette and cigar brands.
Otherwise, with the significant reduction of Chinese tariffs on precision-made products, a number of manufactories have popped up on Coloane Island, producing measuring equipment, precision medical supplies and levelling tools.
The Banco de Macau, meanwhile, has left a permanent mark on the territory by becoming the first enterprise to construct a ‘skyscraper’ (as they’re being called) in Macau, building its new corporate headquarters on the western side of the Peninsula. It has been joined by the Macau-Beijing Investment Bank and the Banco Afro-Eurásia, which have also begun construction on smaller, albeit impressive skyscrapers. Regrettably for the Banco Português do Continente e Ilhas and Montepio Geral Bank, who do not have enough capital for a skyscraper, three-storey office buildings have had to suffice.
In many cases, these banks have been instrumental in financing the recent expansion of the Macanese economy. The Banco de Macau and the Banco Afro-Eurásia, however, have sought to increase their regional presence even further by expanding into Thailand, the Philippines, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia. The Banco de Macau, in particular, is expected to make major investments in Japan, Thailand and Indonesia in the coming years.

Tourism and entertainment opportunities:

The recent introduction of Western gambling to Macau, along with the Banco de Macau’s heavy investment in new casinos, has led to a proliferation of the gambling industry across the territory. Dozens of small to medium, high-end, Western casinos now dot the Peninsula, while a number of traditional casinos have emerged on Taipa Island. Along with the emergence of a luxury shopping culture, the new casinos have proven extremely popular with affluent visitors from China, Hong Kong, Japan, the West and Southeast Asia. Many new hotels are being founded on the Peninsula to meet this demand, as well as a new, game-changing casino known as Casino Lisboa, which shall open its doors in 1960. Quite expectedly, the proliferation of gambling across the territory has only poured fuel on the metaphorical fire that is the gambling syndicate rivalry. New syndicates are now competing for an increased market share as outside factions interfere with the rivalry (see: the banks and Triads) and older syndicates desperately battle to preserve their local hegemony. Already, this rivalry has been given a morbid monicker, becoming known as the ”Bloody Game (残忍赛)”. This name is quite deserved, given that syndicates of all sizes have gained a reputation for sabotage, death threats, murder and murky alliances with the Triads as their deadly rivalry spirals out of control.
Beyond the casinos, new bars, restaurants and nightclubs have been established across the territory, catering almost exclusively to high-end visitors and the Macanese elite. The combination of modern, dimly-lit bars, domestically-made liquor, prestigious fashion brands, international visitors and high-stakes games of poker have given Macau a distinct flavour, with the city increasingly being known as the ”City of Jazz (爵士城)”. Regular ferry trips between Hong Kong and Macau, coupled with daily/weekly flights to Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore, Manila, Shanghai and Bangkok are only improving this reputation.

Future infrastructure:

The huge population increase on the Taipa and Coloane islands have put immense strain on the intra-Macau ferry service. Hoping to alleviate this strain, the Macanese territorial government has announced a new project to connect Taipa Island to the Peninsula with a new bridge. Inspired by the Ponte de Liberdade in Lisbon, and designed by the same engineers, the bridge is expected to be completed by 1965 (marked in red on the map). The bridge is to be named in honour of the territory’s outgoing Governor, Joaquim Marques Esparteiro, being called the Ponte da Esparteiro.
Otherwise, recognising the strain which Macau’s rapidly-increasing population has had on the geography of the territory, a major land reclamation project is to be undertaken on both the Peninsula and Taipa Island. Zoning will take place ahead of time for the planned land, allowing preemptive property sales to help fund the project. Dutch engineers will be brought on for the project as a result of their vast land reclamation experience. Additionally, the Portuguese Navy is to assist with the project by providing auxiliary vessels where relevant. The new Peninsula-Taipa bridge will only extend across the stretch of water between the reclaimed land, with the connecting road that passes over the reclaimed land simply being raised several metres above the ground. (Land reclamation areas are marked in blue on the map, along with their planned year of completion).
Finally, in order to prevent a potential bottleneck of manufactured goods produced on Taipa Island from blocking Macau harbour and the Ponte da Esparteiro, a new industrial dock is to be constructed on the island, to be completed by 1964 (marked in orange on the map).

Vice and crime:

As previously noted, the expansion of the gambling industry has also spawned an intense rivalry between the syndicates. Indeed, the increased prevalence of vice across Macau has created an opportunity for the Triads, who already enjoyed a strong Macanese presence before the territory’s expansion, particularly on Taipa Island, the Peninsula casinos and in the slums/emerging neighbourhoods in the north. As the "Four Major Gangs (四大黑幫)” of Shui Fong, Wo Shing Yee, 14K and the Big Circle Gang have grown in importance, they have gained large footholds in the new neighbourhoods, where they run extortion rackets and loan shark operations, targetting small businesses, nightclubs and traditional gambling dens. Human trafficking has also emerged as a dangerous front, as the Triads seek to smuggle in illegal workers and, in the case of the nightclub sector, “waitresses”. Finally, the counterfeiting of patacas (Macau’s currency) has increased prolifically, as the Triads seek to use fake currency to make large bets in the casinos.
Though Indonesia’s provision of detailed intelligence on Triad drug smuggling operations in Macau has resulted in a massive crackdown on that particular area of organised crime activity, the Triads appear to be gaining ground on almost every other front, creating a complex interplay between Macanese businesses, rival gambling syndicates, law enforcement, local politicians and the Four Major Gangs. Hoping to assist the struggling territorial police in eradicating bribery, human trafficking, extortion, loan sharking, murder and counterfeiting, the SIS (basically the Portuguese FBI/secret police) and the Customs and Finance Intelligence Service (CFIS) have created a joint task force known as Operation Varrer Profundo (Deep Sweep). This operation will see the two agencies create large, permanent offices across the territory, cracking down on the Triads and illegal gambling syndicate activity by sending in hundreds of agents. Thus begins what many expect to be a years-long cat and mouse game between Portuguese authorities, the Triads, the gambling syndicates, corrupt politicians and the business sector
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Global stocks are surging on news that the US President Trump has asked US trade officials to begin drafting a trade agreement with China

US Stocks

Stocks Trending in the News

Click name for Q-Factor breakdown, latest price details, more financial info and sentiment data.

European Stocks

Asian Stocks

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Today's Pre-Market News [Monday, June 3rd, 2019]

Good morning traders and investors of the wallstreetbets sub! Welcome to a new trading month and a fresh start! Here are your pre-market news this AM-

Today's Top Headlines for Monday, June 3rd, 2019


































  • GNCA
  • CY
  • LK
  • T
  • BA
  • EE
  • VZ
  • TEVA


Apple – Apple holds its Worldwide Developers Conference Monday and is reportedly set to announce the end of its iTunes store. Bloomberg reports that iTunes functions will be divided among three newly developed applications.


Alphabet – Alphabet’s Google unit is the subject of an upcoming antitrust probe by the Justice Department, according to multiple reports. The probe will focus on Google’s search and other businesses.


Cypress Semiconductor – The chipmaker will be bought by Germany’s Infineon for $23.85 per share in cash, a 34 percent premium over Friday’s close. The deal is valued at $10.1 billion including assumed debt.


FedEx – China is launching a probe of FedEx following accusations that packages intended for telecom giant Huawei were diverted.


Humana – In an SEC filing, Humana said it did not intend to make a proposal to combine with health insurer Centene as an alternative to Centene’s planned acquisition of WellCare Health Plans. Humana said this statement was a one-time exception to its policy of not commenting on market rumors.


Goldman Sachs – Goldman is buying Capital Vision Services – manager of the MyEyeDr optometry practices – from a private equity firm and a Canadian pension fund. Goldman did not reveal financial details but the Wall Street Journal reports that the deal is worth $2.7 billion.


Blackstone Group – Blackstone is buying industrial warehouse assets from Singapore logistics provider GLP For $18.7 billion, in what Blackstone said is the largest-ever private real estate transaction.


Boeing - Some of Boeing’s 737 MAX jets may have faulty parts, according to the FAA. Boeing said it has identified 20 jets that most likely to have faulty parts and plans to check another 159 for the same parts.


Facebook – Facebook has been in contact with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission about rolling out a digital currency, according to the Financial Times.


Fiat Chrysler – Fiat Chrysler is discussing an improved bid for French carmaker Renault, according to Reuters, in order to win backing from the French government for a deal.


Merck, AstraZeneca – The drug makers reported upbeat study results involving their Lynparza drug. The treatment successfully stalled the advance of pancreatic cancer in certain patients.


Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas Sands – These and other casino operators in Macau may see their stocks benefit after gaming revenue in Macau hit a five month high in May.


Waste Management – Waste Management was upgraded to “outperform” from “sector perform” at RBC Capital, which cited the company’s unique positioning within its sector.


(CLICK HERE FOR LIVE STOCK QUOTE!) – J.P. Morgan Securities removed the stock from its “Analyst Focus List”, based on current valuation following a 2½ year gain of 121 percent.




What is on everyone's radar for today's trading day ahead here at wallstreetbets?

I hope you all have an excellent trading day ahead today on this Monday, June 3rd, 2019! :)

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COVID-19: Macau casino shares surge as China eases border ... Macau ( red market , senado square ) Macau SicBo Macau's gambling industry on losing streak Macau - China MGM Macau - Topic - YouTube Macau isn't as bad for casinos as the market is making it ... Gambling on Macau! Investment analyst sees Macau casino stocks as a good bet

Macau Casino Market Share! It zynga poker chips seller india was a modest drop of 3.7% , but it was enough to signal that something might go macau casino market share terribly wrong.! Online Casino Mit Echtgeld Startguthaben Ohne Einzahlung 2019! Sands China and Galaxy Entertainment are the two dominant casino operators in Macau, controlling a 45.5 percent market share of the richest gaming hub on planet Earth. Casino gaming: share of market revenues by global region 2015 Age of people playing gambling games for the first time in France 2017 Industry revenue of “gambling industries“ in the U.S. 2012-2024 Casino hotel industry market size in the U.S. 2010-2020 Number of employees in the casino industry Great Britain 2011-2019 Impact of the coronavirus on revenues of online gambling in Italy 2020 ... Macau (MNA) – The gaming revenue results of gaming operators Sands China and Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) represented 46.6 per cent of Macau’s gaming results in the first half of the year, according to a report by brokerage Deutsche Bank, accessed by newspaper Tribuna de Macau. It Macau Casino Market Share 2020 is your own responsibility to determine if gambling online from your current location is legal. Playing casino games involves risk and should be considered a fun, recreational activity, not a way to earn an income. Macau Casino Market Share 2020 Please gamble responsibly. Macau casino GGR falls 79pct in full year 2020: govt. Jan 01, 2021 Newsdesk Latest News, Macau, Top of the deck . Macau’s casino gross gaming revenue (GGR) shrank 79.3 percent year-on-year in calendar year 2020, amid the disruption to travel and the economy caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The data was... Read More. 2020 pandemic forced casinos to evolve: experts. Dec 31, 2020 Newsdesk Japan ... Gaming industry experts say Macau casino floors will rev back up in 2020. (Image: Philippe Lopez/Getty) Gross gaming revenue (GGR) stands at $30.56 billion January through October 2019. Market Performance The Bloomberg Intelligence index of Macau casino operators rose 3.9% in December, paring its decline for the year to 11%. The benchmark Hang Seng Index added 3.4% for the month. Market Share Of Macau Casino free casino with all the opportunities that we mentioned earlier, is the option to play anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are or what Market Share Of Macau Casino time, since being online and have a 24 / 7 Market Share Of Macau Casino there are no limits.

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COVID-19: Macau casino shares surge as China eases border ...

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Macau's casino industry is increasingly chasing more mass-market gamblers and... Aimed at the mass market, Oceanus took just 15 months to complete, at a cost of HK$ 1.5 billion. Not a great sum of money compared with other new casino developments in Macau, but its enough to ... Big show in Macau as the Olympic torch passes through Chinese casino city Harry Curtis, analyst at Nomura Instinet, discusses Wynn Resorts' warning about a slowdown in Macau. MGM Macau is a 35-story, 600-room casino resort in Sé, Macau. Under a sub concession approved by the Macau government, the project is owned and operated as a... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( #macau #street #foods #to #do Shares in Macau's casinos have surged after China eased COVID-19 border restrictions. From July 15, people crossing the Macau-Guangdong border will not need ... Crackdown on corruption in China and fewer high-spending mainlanders means takings are down in the gambling hub. Macau is South China's answer to Las Vegas, a gambling hub and magnet for high ... Macau has become the world's most lucrative gambling market, overtaking Las Vegas with casino revenues soaring 57% in 2010. Macau's casinos are attracting tourists from all over the world.